Marie Keating Foundation are calling to our Bishopstown store.

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The Marie Keating Foundation Mobile Unit will be on site in our Bishopstown store Thursday August 30th.

Please call in if you have any cancer concerns or require support through the cancer journey of you, a friend or family member.

The mobile information units are stocked with take-home information leaflets and packs on the various cancers. The Marie Keating Foundation nurses can talk to people in a private area on board the unit about any concerns that they may have about cancer, either for themselves or for someone else such as a family member or friend.

Each mobile information unit has interactive displays such as Smokerlyzer® test to measure the carbon monoxide levels in your lungs (for smokers), Fizz to Fat which shows how sugary beverages can turn into body fat, and Fat Chunk models which realistically represent the look and feel of fat inside the body.

This is to help anyone whom may need it to change lifestyle habits, to gain information, to voice their concerns and to seek support.

No appointment is necesary and there is no charge on the day, unless you want to make a donation.

We hope to see you there.

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