Summer Advice

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We are half way through the year already!

The lovely weather has kept us all in great form but remember to rehydrate, by drinking loads of water and maybe even pop in a rehydrate sachet or tablet into your water bottle.






Also cover up for the strong sun that is out there at the moment.

Re apply your sunscreen every 2 to 4 hours especially if you have been in the water.  Use a high factor for maximum protection.  Irish people are notourious for spreading their sun factor too thin so layer it on and don't forget about your nose, ears and lips.

In the event you do get burned, moisturise every 4 hours with aloe vera gel, drink plenty of water and stay in out of the sun in a cool dark place.   If you feel nauseated or dizzy please seek medical advice.

Best advice is to apply sunscreen before putting on your clothers, that way you avoid burns around straps etc.  Cover up and wear a hat.






This weather has also seen hayfever spiral out of control.

Take your antihistamines first think in the morning, if symtoms appear throughout the day you can use eye drops or nasel sprays to combat symptoms.  Make sure your filter in your car is clean, close windows and doors if possible.  Dry clothes inside if your hayfever is particulary bad.






All our pharmacists and staff are on hand should you need any advice so please do not hesitate to pop into us or give any of our stores a call.




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