Carbon Monoxide Test

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A Carbon Monoxide test measures the level of carbon monoxide (CO) in a person’s lungs and bloodstream through a non invasive breath test.  The test is simple and only requires a person to breathe into the machine and  within seconds it yields a personalized reading.  It works very much like the breathalyzer that the police use to test a person for alcohol.


When you test a person for their CO level using a carbon monoxide testing machine, you are giving them what is known as biomarker feedback, which makes the test very similar to a blood pressure test or a cholesterol test.  Both of these tests give a person biomarker feedback – one about a person’s blood pressure level and the other about their cholesterol level.  There are many benefits to monitoring a person’s blood pressure level or their cholesterol level while they are being treated for high blood pressure or high cholesterol - both the patient and the treatment provider get to see how severe the problem is and this information helps them decide on an appropriate approach to treating the problem.  We monitor a person’s CO level, while they are being counseled to quit smoking for the same reasons

Carbon Monoxide test is now available in our Bishopstown store, phone 021 4343344 to make an appointment.



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